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Update: 04.12.2014

The PetroCo Energy TOTAL Approach to Energy Asset Development

PetroCo Energy and the continuing diligence and efforts of its principals, have resulted in a growing 5 year old firm that today seeks to lead the industry toward a more financially rational and environmentally sound asset development through the employment of and dedicated adherence to such concepts as:

  • Investing in low-risk energy initiatives.
  • Targetting heavy infrastructure such as oil and gas pipelines, processing systems, and salt water disposal facilities.
  • Careful, thoughtful development of East & South Texas deep oil & gas reserves, with no reliance on debt or leveraged financing.
  • Development within the confines of proven, producing fields, with geologic and production history, constantly keying off of changes in density/spacing requirements, and new/deeper productive reservoirs, amplified by improvements in drilling and completion technologies.
  • Provide new growth in local and regional economic/employment opportunties.
  • Add to the tax base of the local, state, and national taxing agencies,
  • Growth in personal income to land/royalty owners, working interest owners, as well as state-based education royalties focusing on MAXIMUM UPSIDE POTENTIAL with MINIMUM CAPITAL RISK, plus DIVERSIFICATION across multiple wells with multiple pay horizons to SUBSTANTIALLY INCREASE ROI WITH SOLID TAX BENEFITS,
  • Increase in mineral right property values for individuals and entites,
  • Potential new business growth to support and facilitate the various drilling and production efforts,
  • Improved roads and transit capabilities to support infrastructure expansion,
  • Conscientious development, minimizing short term impacts, and returning land to original use.

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